Investment and Partnership

When you are expanding your business, upgrading your facilities, or entering another countries marketplace with your product, it is worth considering seeking out investment or partnerships with business people within the target country.

Inviting an international investor to join you as a business partner will not only bring in much-needed capital to enable you to expand and upgrade your business, quite often, it will also help to open up a larger market for your products.

A partner’s local business circles and networks can help your brand achieve success. Shared financial burden or responsibility is another benefit of a partnership. With distribution, import and export, sales channels and pricing models already in place, a strategic partner can ease the process of product integration into a foreign market.

However, finding a new partner for your business is both as risky as beneficial, because failure in finding a right partner will pay a potentially big price.

BrandWorks has an extensive network of partnerships from around world, especially from Asia, They are investors, financial institutes, manufacturers, wholesale and logistic businesses and service providers, etc. These partnerships have been tried and tested and would expand your ability to meet existing orders as well as give the consumer/distributor further confidence in your ability to meet future orders.

BrandWorks will provide guidance, support and facilitation if you were looking to attract a prospect foreign investment funds or form a partnership with offshore companies.

We are able to facilitate and negotiate with these companies on your behalf, from liaison, due diligence, avoiding legal and financial pitfalls, to regulatory compliance, and ultimately help you reach your goals.

If this is a service you would like to talk about please contact us.