Global Marketing

Going global might sounds daunting to some businesses who have never stepped out of their comfort zone. It does need you to take courage and resources to go offshore and plunge into the unknown market. Global marketing is a process that BrandWorks go through with our clients in order to meet their goals of brand introduction and acceptance. BrandWorks is capable to help you to penetrate a new international market and compete with local and international brands there. Our capabilities are especially strong in Asia markets where big brands compete as if in their backyards.


When a company wishes to operate overseas, the marketing strategy it implements can decide whether it succeeds or fails.
A well-thought-through strategy is based on solid facts and statistics. From crunching numbers of research data to strategic planning with local market knowledge of communication channels and segmentation, BrandWorks will create a bespoke strategy for the characteristics of each particular target nation. Its economic, cultural, political, legal, financial and technological aspects are examined, and the marketing plan maximised to ensure the client has the best chance of success.


A well thought through strategy will not deliver results unless it can be implemented by an experienced capable team and disciplined execution. BrandWorks is capable to make a splash and create a market impact.

Cultural and Language Sensitivity

Marketing in different areas of the globe differs greatly. Small things can make a huge difference, that’s why BrandWorks do the work to make sure your product gets the best chance of success.

We have the expertise and consumer insights needed to get your messages across cultural differences effectively. If British-English is not the language of the product’s destination, then we will match your message with accurate translation into the language (and dialect) that strikes the cord of consumers’ mindset.

One small error such as a word used incorrectly in your product labels and instruction manuals can have a very negative impact on your brand; we have cultural knowledge to make sure these mistakes do not happen.

Multichannel Approach

There is no silver bullet in global marketing. Just like your familiar domestic market becoming more diverse and fragmented, the trend in overseas is same. People travel more frequently and consumers have more choices from where to get information.

We take a coordinated multi-channel approach to reach the target audiences. Each project has its unique character, selling point, target audience and objectives – for us it is a new assignment with new challenges.

We carefully select from multi-communication channel options to make sure maximum cost effectiveness can be achieved. The decision could be any combination of
 Social media (WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, etc. on mobile devices)
 Digital media (TV, radio, email, online chat group, etc)
 Press & Prints (Newspaper, Magazine, leaflets,
 Outdoor (posters, signs & bill-boards)
 Events & Trade shows (samples, gifts, face to face experiences)
 Networking (relationship building)