International Distribution

Knowing Your Market and Customers

In order for companies wishing to enter global markets the availability of their products to consumers is vital. Distribution channels make up the “place” in the 4 p’s of a marketing plan (the others being product, price and promotion). BrandWorks has an extensive network of knowledge on how to best deliver your goods to their intended destination, this knowledge alone can dramatically increase the chance of success in a global market.

Choosing Distribution Channels

Choosing the most reliable cost-effective distribution channel is one of the most critical challenges a supplier must face when entering a new country. Supply and distribution chain management decisions pose financial risks to any company, by using BrandWorks knowledge that risk is dramatically reduced.

Logistic Decision

Hurdles of getting your products passing through boarder and customs control and break into an international market can be confusing and frustrating to many. BrandWorks has the knowledge and experiences in international logistics and distribution.

If you want your products reaching consumers in international markets, especially in Asia(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korean, Japan, or anywhere in Southeast Asia), talk to BrandWorks first. Our knowledge and experiences, as well as resources and capabilities, will help you to pass through boarder control and to find and right wholesale and retail channels, and reach the final consumers.

Relationship Building

Building a healthy and long-term business relationship with your international trading parterres is just as vital as quality and price of your products. No business can last long if found them in a hostile environment, let along if they were strangled by a legal dispute in a foreign country. BrandWorks will help you to overcome the cultural and language barriers and build healthy and lasting relationships with your international trading partners, based on trust, respect and mutual-beneficial partnership.