BrandWorks – Global Marketer

Established in New Zealand in 1994, BrandWorks is a specialised agency in branding and global marketing. With its expertise and capabilities, BrandWorks bridges New Zealand to the rest of the World, and serves its clients with solutions and actions to build strong brands and to gain market shares on global stage.

BrandWorks Group is a consortium of three business sections, Brand Works Ltd, Bananaworks Communications Ltd, and Pureworks Ltd, bring together elite specialists in every aspect in marketing, advertising and communications and international business consultancy, to provide coordinated services to help clients penetrate and reinforce their brands and products in Asia-Pacific Region.

Over the last 20 years, BrandWorks has assisted hundreds of its clients to achieve their marketing objectives and business goals, by providing strategy solutions, delivering strong messages to targeted market sectors, effective executions of advertising and marketing campaigns, and successfully bring in investors or new business partners for our clients.

The client profile covers almost every industry, e.g. manufacturing, food manufacture, horticulture, fishery, environment, transportation, finance, education, bio-tech, telecommunications, as well as government agencies and organizations.

Milestones of Our Journey
 1991 Kenneth Wang started creative design studio Visual Vantage
 1993 Advertising agency Visual Vantage Ltd was born as result of growth and expansion
 1997 Brand Works Ltd was born and grew into the full-service advertising agency
 1998 completed the rebranding project for Mainzeal Constructions.
 2000 completed branding campaign to transformation of then Hong Kong Bank to HSBC
 2006 Acquired of Bananaworks Communications Ltd
 2008 Sponsor to New Zealand Olympic Games Team
 2010 expend its services in international business consultancy
 2016 formed alliance with design agency Hyve Ltd and communication agency DFVBY Ltd