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Whether you are creating a new company, looking to expand your already existing business, or just need a guide through the muddy waters of international trade, you will no doubt be looking for some expert guidance from a well-established company that has already successfully completed the process of taking products to a new marketplace.

BrandWorks are leaders in smoothing the path from idea inception through to product distribution all over the world.

Creating Strong Brands

From creating an outstanding brand identity, mastermind brand strategy, to deliver your customer with memorable brand experiences, BrandWorks offers complete branding solutions and services and builds a strong brand together with you, step by step.

The benefits of building and maintaining a strong brand are paramount to success in any marketplace. BrandWorks work closely with you to achieve your goals and create a brand which supplies the following:

Global Marketing

Going global might sounds daunting to some businesses who have never stepped out of their comfort zone. It does need you to take courage and resources to go offshore and plunge into the unknown market. Global marketing is a process that BrandWorks go through with our clients in order to meet their goals of brand introduction and acceptance. BrandWorks is capable to help you to penetrate a new international market and compete with local and international brands there. Our capabilities are especially strong in Asia markets where big brands compete as if in their backyards.

International Distribution

Investment and Partnership

About Us

Established in New Zealand in 1994, BrandWorks is an international marketing agency that specialises in helping to achieve a marketplace place success as effectively as possible. Working predominantly for New Zealand companies we help them grow from a national product to an international product.

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